Mistral KANUYAK - Uno (EX DEMO)

Mistral KANUYAK - Uno (EX DEMO)


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The KANUyak is perfectly adapted for use in multiple fresh and salt water environments, whether exploring, adventuring, cruising or used as a platform for photography, fishing or simply passing the time. Our KANUyak bag is by far the most utilitarian, user friendly inflatable kayak travel bag on the market. Constructed of high density cordura, piped reinforced edging, tri-roller wheel reinforced base for ease of pull-and-go use, corrosion free nylon zipper, cinching-straps internal and external, convenient outer grab handles, wide-mouth opening, fully water-proof internal lining, zippered acetate window front panel. As as stand alone bag, it will elevate your experience in making your water life and living kayaking experience all the more enjoyable. Lightweight super strong drop stitch materials for added security and safety on the water. The KANUyak’s side chambers and floor are constructed using highly advanced drop stitch materials, composed of super high density fibres. offering high-pressure inflation, durability, and high abrasion resistance. Flushing bung for ease of flushing water out from the under floor run off system. Simply undo, invert kayak using dual handles and tip to empty.

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